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St. Lawrence Nature Walk

Learn about the history of the land and all the wildlife of the area while observing all sorts of geological marvels. The area is home to foxes, moose, otters, over 53 species of birds, and much more!Fluorite was first discovered in the area of St. Lawrence in the...

St. Lawrence Miner’s Museum

The Black Duck Vein was a fluorspar vein that was mined before 1825; it would eventually become the first fluorspar mine in Newfoundland. Between 1925 to 1935, various successful mining operations began at Black Duck, Iron Springs, Blue Beach, and Tarefare.​ Walter...

Cape Chapeau Rouge

Recognized in 2005 as a Municipal Heritage Site, Cape Chapeau Rouge features an enchanting history, breathtaking views, and a mysterious phenomenon.  Located on the edge of the Burin Peninsula, Cape Chapeau Rouge served as an iconic landmark for French settlers...

Chambers Cove Trail

Take a walk along the cragged coastline where the survivors and rescuers of the USS Truxtun strode on a tempestuous night in 1942.   Pass Iron Springs, cross the Memorial Bridge and the path splits; Chamber Cove Trail will lie straight ahead, and left is the...