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Cape Chapeau Rouge

Recognized in 2005 as a Municipal Heritage Site, Cape Chapeau Rouge features an enchanting history, breathtaking views, and a mysterious phenomenon.  Located on the edge of the Burin Peninsula, Cape Chapeau Rouge served as an iconic landmark for French settlers as early as the

sixteenth century, guiding them to safe harbours through treacherous currents and foggy seas.

As the highest point on the South Coast at 226 m above sea level, hiking the Cape Chapeau Rouge trail is truly a pleasure for all ages, providing an uninhibited view of the coast, as well as overlooking the beautiful town of St. Lawrence.

According to records dating back to the 1700s, when the conditions are right, the shape of Cape Chapeau Rouge can change depending on your perspective from the sea; appearing sometimes as a Dutchman without legs, the peak of a hat, a rampant lion, a bust, a broken turret, a rough dome, and finally a broken, irregular, craggy, inaccessible mountain. What will you see?