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Middle Head Lighthouse

A fog alarm was established on Middle Head, the point dividing Great and Little St. Lawrence Harbours, in 1912; it was made up of a flat-roofed domicile, a storehouse, and an engine house.  All three buildings were painted white. This station was first kept by P. Molloy.

There was a diaphone fog alarm operated by compressed air that sounded three blasts every ninety seconds.  In 1915, an occulting white light was established.  Then in the summer of 1919, lightning struck and caused a fire that destroyed the light and the fog alarm; a new lighthouse and a fog alarm building were built that year, but it took an additional year for the proper equipment to arrive, leaving both buildings unfunctional.  Both were fully operational as of August 30th, 1920. 

A new lighthouse consisting of a square tower attached two a rectangular building, was constructed in 1991.  The keeper’s dwelling was located nearby.  This lighthouse was eventually replaced with a skeletal tower next to a white rectangular building, and the keeper’s residence was demolished.